We work every day to evolve the concepts of “education” and “training”

Our company is a leader in the transformation process of current training and education models.  Learn more about this topic with this article.

The day that is about to end is the “International Day Of Education 2022”. UNESCO wants to remember the importance of training, education and culture.

As it was detailed in UNESCO’s global Futures of Education report, transforming the future requires an urgent rebalancing or our relationships with each other, with nature as well as with technology that permeates our lives, bearing breakthrough opportunities while raising serious concerns for equity, inclusion and democratic participation.

Education is key to charting the course towards more justice and sustainability, but it is failing millions of children, youth and adults, increasing their exposure to poverty, violence and exploitation. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a pre-existing education crisis. Reliance on digital technology for learning has deepened exclusion and gender inequalities. Without remedial action, better support to teachers and increased financing, learning losses and school dropout will continue to rise, reversing progress towards all the Sustainable Development

Goals and depriving youth of a future of dignity and opportunity.

“We need to renew education by asking: what that we do now should be continued, what should be abandoned and what needs to be reinvented afresh”.

We do it every day, with passion and competence, taking part to this transformation!


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