Semplice-Mente is part of Confindustria

Confindustria accoglie Semplice-Mente

An afternoon to remember: Semplice-Mente becomes part of Confindustria Lecce!

It is a pleasure to debut during a talk about product and process innovation,main topics in our organization.

We are happy and we will continue to give our best, with Confindustria, to sustain the growth of our communities.

Here a message from our CEO & Founder, Giorgio Fontana:

“When I started my professional career, more than 16 years ago, I had different goals in mind to achieve. I knew the difficulties to reach those targets, but I was resolute.

Today, 16 years after that first day, Semplice-Mente becomes part of Confindustria.

It is a great day.

It is a goal that really excites me and, at the same time, defines a new target to be achieved.

Step by step…we grow!


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