Semplice-Mente and European Patent Office (EPO)

EPO (European Patent Office) filing, Semplice-Mente, Giorgio Fontana

We would like to share a message from Founder & CEO Giorgio Fontana. The excellent work of our startup has made it possible to file European patent for our innovative healthcare product.

Hopefully, it could be inspiring during these difficult times.

“I have always believed in the power of creativity and planning

… since the days when I was used to spend a lot of time building brick-cities with Lego, passing through my university experiences and forcefully approaching my career as an “employee”.

Today I can be delighted about this great result, our first European patent filing, at Semplice-Mente. This target is here thanks to every single day in which I was thinking, studying, believing, analysing and dreaming of realizing this path.

It is not easy to leave our “comfort zone”, to change our safe road to draw new ones. I realize that for someone, this choice is even inexplicable. But I can assure that the satisfaction of designing and creating the butterflies of Semplice-Mente…and, then, make them to fly towards new horizons, is unparalleled…

And I am there, with my humbleness and determination. I am there with my way, maybe a bit original, to be an engineer! “

Giorgio Fontana

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