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The mission of our company arouses from a thoughtful observation of the health care realm that led to generate innovative ideas to tackle daily-life issues and address people’s unmet needs.
Short and long-term objectives are to deliver meaningful, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable products and services to improve people’s quality of live by simplifying common and widespread health care challenges.
Our strengths are strongly related to medical devices innovation. Our challenge is to look at the future, to be already there.
Our mind and our eyes work to be on customer side first; in fact, we adopt an adaptive approach to fulfil health care system, market gaps and to address customer’s evolving and individual demand. This is possible only through a deep engagement with the customer to nail down her/his needs according to the individual psycho-physical and social system.

Consulting services
Consulenza Aziendale

We are proud of our deep experience on several sectors (tourism, automotive, fashion, aerospace, and medtech) and on different areas (project management, lean production, process optimization, start-up and internationalization of companies, training, customer service, customer satisfaction, legal affairs, kaizen, strategy, big data analysis, marketing, open innovation, IoT,etc.).
For this reason, we decided to share our knowledge and offer consulting services to companies that wants to growth and to invest on their future.
We offer our services towards linear approaches, based on data and information flows. We apply specific methodologies that guarantee expected results: quality improvement, cost reduction and lead-time optimization.
This is our consulting service proposal.
Every single project starts with a customized analysis of current situation, to set clear quantitative and qualitative targets. Next step is to identify “points of occurrences” and weaknesses of the analysed process, to implement better solutions and improve final efficiencies. Last step is called “standardization”: in other words, when our task is done, customers should maintain the progresses we reached together. In fact, during and after our consultancy, we share our approach to customers, in order to internally “cultivate” their own continuous improvement methodology.

Tailor-made Education & Training
Formazione e Coaching “tailor-made”

Education and knowledge-driven programs are critical factors for the success of a company, either small or at a large-scale.  However, knowledge and education are often downplayed or not sufficiently integrated within company operating models.
Brilliant people and talents often remain unexpressed, undersized or unsatisfied due to little knowledge sharing and inadequate training programs.
Our objective is to design customised educational programs, tailored on the customer’s background skills, knowledge and needs as well as on the time schedule. The goal is to generate human capital growth within the companies that ask for our support.
Thanks to our wide background (project management, lean production, process optimization, start-up, internationalization of companies, training, customer service, customer satisfaction, legal affairs, kaizen, strategy, big data analysis, marketing, open innovation, IoT, etc.) we offer a huge set of personalised educational solutions.
While we believe in the value of live face-to-face training, we realise that the Covid-19 pandemic restrictive measures require digital virtual channels. And, actually, we see interesting results also with remote, smart or webinar-based approaches.
Within every company, human capital grows if gets in touch with challenging situations, with trainers that stimulate self-thinking, learning desire and research for new solutions.
Within SME, very often, there is a lack of time to dedicate to training, because employees are always running into operations.
Well, this is our strength: having a deep knowledge on business environments, we exactly know how to offer what is not available today.

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