Our values: respect, determination and methodology

Teamwork, Partnerships and Data Analysis:
the best approach to easily solve difficult topics

La nostra passione ci ha portato fin qui


We believe that game-changing ideas starts off with a relentless endeavour to untangle current landscape and forecast potential evolution scenarios.

Comprehensive insights open up viable solutions and deliver tangible and meaningful improvements to the living standards of customers.

Under this framework, Semplice-Mente creates innovative products and services, designed to simplify and optimize daily-life activities of young and older people living needing assistance across different settings such as nursing-home, hospitals, at-home, to name a few. Our products are designed to support a wide range of clinical conditions that span wheelchair, bedridden, upper/lower body limitations, cognitive decline, among others.

Strengths of Semplice-Mente are competence, commitment, medical evidence-driven approach, resilience and “out of the box” mindset which is of primary importance to accomplish innovative solutions for daily-life unmet needs. The multi-angle approach of Semplice-Mente arises from a cross-functional endeavour backed by operators with different education and professional experiences, across different segments, companies, both in Italy and in other countries.

The core team of Semplice-Mente is represented by of Giorgio Fontana (Founder and CEO) and Daniele Castoro (Founder and Executive Director) that run the company towards continuous challenges.

Furthermore, Semplice-Mente has a dedicated business unit that offers consulting services, applying “kaizen” (continuous improvement and lean methodology) to improve SME performances. We also dedicate our efforts to knowledge creation, upgrade and sharing through a customised model of education & training programs.

What our customers appreciate the most about us is the “simple & humble” approach to optimization projects, smart solutions finding and knowledge sharing.

We love to call it “professionalità semplice”, that we can translate in English as follow: “we keep it simple, we share our competencies and support our customer’s continuous growth”.

This is “our story” and the path we set out to follow, which leads directly to our mission: “innovate with simplicity, support with dedication and cultivate education to turn-on a continuous knowledge sharing and growth cycle, generating more competences and positive energies that go directly to satisfy our Customers, Partners and Team objectives.”

In one claim: #Ready_to_enable!

Welcome to Semplice-Mente, we look forward to working with you and share our mission.

Giorgio Fontana, Founder & CEO

Daniele Castoro, Founder & Exec. Director

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